Headley Venture Group

Welcome to our 2 new members,  Rob and Geoff,  who joined us on Zoom for our October meeting.

October 2020 Skies
Most members agreed that this was a hard subject especially if no trees, roofs etc were included. But we ended up with an interesting set of images. 

August 2020 – Shadows

June 2020 –  Still Life

13 May 2020 In the last few weeks some of us have attempted multiple exposure images in the camera, and some have chosen different subjects in the garden or on daily walks. They can be seen here

1 April 2020 While we are in lock down we have chosen
Self Portraits for this month’s subject.  

On 7 January 2020 we gathered at the Pottery in Grayshott for afternoon tea. The cake was delicious and the conversation animated, but the photos I took with my phone are awful. They only serve to show who was there.


Pathways November 2019 
Not one of our more popular subjects, but still some good photographs.

Four of us made a visit to West Dean Gardens on 18/09/19. It was a day of brilliant sunshine, perfect for us too much contrast for the photos. More photos here


We had tea at the Chocolate Frog as our Christmas celebration on Friday 14 December 2018..

We meet every 2 months in Headley Down, and have 7 members in the group. Here are some of the projects we have undertaken –

Flash Jan 2019

Fruit and Veg Nov 2018 (This was our long term project for 2018)
Movement October 2018
Reflections July 2018
Rubbish May 2018
Bosham visit on 3 May 2018

Umbrellas February 2018
“Flame” – May 2017
Lead in Lines. September 2016
Our long term project over 2016 was Landscapes
Looking Up February 2016
Food and Drink
Marwell Zoo Outing June 2015
People at Work 2015 project This was a long-term project, photographed over several months.~
Candlelight  Feb 2015  
Eyes   December 2014 
One Tone October 2014 

Boats  August 2014

Spring   April 2014 

Altered Reality  Mar 2014 

Glass  Sept 2013
Bygone Times
  June 2013
Still Life April 2013 
Night  Feb 2013   

Oct 2012

Just a Laugh in the Bath by John Wichall
Just a Laugh in the Bath by John Wichall
SNV30652 by Kathleen Bird
At Great Dixter by Kathleen Bird