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Summer Challenge 2022

Summer Challenge 2022

Summer challenge 2022 – “Celebrating the British Countryside in Summer”

The entries may be viewed here

“This may be a long title but I hope it inspires you to go out and photograph our beautiful countryside with its rivers, hills, villages, canals, woods and coasts. I could go on but you know what is out there, and we would like photos taken this summer, not archive images.

The closing date for entries is midnight on Friday 26 August, after which all members are invited to vote for their favourite images. The scores will be collated by David Bird.

 Each member may enter up to 3 images, the usual 1600×1200 pixels, sRGB colour space, with the file named as Title by Name. Entries should be sent to 

The Summer Challenge has been running since 2008 as a web based bit of fun during the summer break, and winners since 2012 can be seen on our website at There are some excellent collections from past years.

Kathleen and David Bird