Summer Challenge

Summer Challenge 2021

“Summer Postcard from ———“

Fill in the blank for yourself. It could be: Summer postcard from my garden, Summer postcard from (holiday resort), Summer postcard from our village etc. Postcards normally have an enticing scene on them so see what you can do. Entries will be posted on Flickr.

Each member may enter up to 3 images, the usual 1600×1200 pixels, sRGB colour space, with the file named as Title by Name.

Entries should be sent to  The closing date will be Friday 27 August 2021. Members will be asked to vote for their three favourites after this date.

Best wishes for a photographic summer. Kathleen

Summer Challenge 2020

“My Hobby”

Your task this year was to photograph one of your hobbies, as  you were probably thrown back onto your own resources and hobbies during lockdown.

41 images were entered, congratulations to the winners – 

FIRST EQUAL:                
08 The Gardener by Kathleen Bird 

FIRST EQUAL: 13 My Hobby -3 in 1- Photography, Philately & Phlowers by Gordon Rae


06 Embroidery by Kathleen Bird

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Summer Challenge 2019
 “The Effects of Water (or lack of it)

39 images were entered for this year’s Summer Challenge, and the winners were – 

FIRST: Water in Suspension by John Price

SECOND: Breaching the defences by Gordon Rae

THIRD: Where there is water, wildlife comes by Diana Grant

All entries are on Flickr 


Summer Challenge 2018
 “Ready for the Day

18 members entered the Summer Challenge, but only 15 members  voted which is disappointing.
The results are – 

FIRST  No. 06 Sail buggies ready by Mike Young

SECOND No. 01 Ready for their Day by Harold Russell

THIRD No. 05 Preparing for the Day by Kathleen Bird

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Summer Challenge 2017
 “Hands at Work”

17 members entered the Summer Challenge, and we finally managed to collect 20 voters.

The clear winner was “Pottery Painting” (#17)  by Angus McKay.

Tying for runner-up were
“Silversmith at work” (#2) by Brian Thomas

“Making Music” (#36) by Gordon Rae.

4th          #7 Hands at work, feet at play by David Bird
5th =       #23 Medieval hand writing by Paul Crook
5th =       #30 Tightening by Grant Dawkins
5th =       #34 The Longest Pray by Gordon Rae

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Summer Challenge 2016
 “Reflection(s) in the Wet”


In the end, after pointed reminders, 22 members voted and the results are:

First:    with 24 points Number 17        Knahsneerg Reflection                                         by           John Wichall

Second:     with 18 points Number 5     I’m Coming                                                                         by           Angus McKay

Third:         with 11 points Number 6        Strange Reflections                                                      by           Angus McKay

Fourth:   with 10 points Number 22      Reflection in a Circle in a Spiral                                by           Gordon Rae

To see all the entries go to this album


Summer Challenge 2015
 “The Colour of Summer”


28 Santorini blue
Santorini blue by Davida Cole

Second equal

12 Weather Perfect
Weather Perfect by Diana Grant
11 Mating Marbled Whites
Mating Marbled Whites by Gordon Rae LRPS

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Summer Challenge 2014     Slideshow 

“All the fun of the Fair”. “Fair” in this case can include carnivals, fetes, street parties, craft markets etc. 

Results of the members’ voting is below.


Summer Challenge 2013

This year the theme is “Summer Self Portrait”. 

2012 Challenge – Summer Sport
 With the Olympics dominating our summer I thought this summer’s website photo challenge
should be “Summer Sport”. Even if, like me, you will only see the main action on TV, I am
sure there will be plenty of local opportunities to get a cracking photo for the challenge.

Summer Sport entries

Winner – Olympic Road Race by John Gamble