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Aspire Group Middleton Butterfly House

Aspire Group
Day out to Middleton Common Butterfly Gardens    
February 2024


Rob, Suzy, Geoff and Paul headed off to the Butterfly Gardens for an afternoon of photography.  There was much chatter beforehand on the whatsapp group as to what equipment we should take and timings.

Geoff collected everyone and we made good time to our destination.  We enjoyed a coffee at the on-site cafe. 

We had some time to kill and decided to have lunch.  With no hot food available at the venue we were told that the local pub had great food.


Back to the butterflies we had sole use of the venue which was perfect as we didn’t have to worry about getting in the way of other people. You have to check where you are walking as they just land on the path and even on us.  They seemed to really like Geoff.


We used a variety of lenses from macro to short telephoto. Some of us tried stacking using in camera and manual techniques. We used flash as well  A good day over all and hopefully we all learnt something and maybe some good photos.




Aspire Venture Group – Guildford Outing November 2022

Aspire Venture Group Guildford Outing 20th November 2022

Sunday afternoon, Geoff and Sue met up at Rob’s house.  He then drove us into Guildford. After 30 minutes looking for parking we rendezvoused with Colston at Guildford Castle as our starting point.

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The weather was a little overcast but Rob, our resident meteorologist, assured us there would be a small shower then all would be ok. We spent some time shooting the view from the castle as the sun started to set.

Geoff and Rob arrived with new cameras to play with and master and Rob used this as an opportunity to practice the auto stacking feature on his shiny new R6.