Haslemere Venture Group

This Venture Group is no longer running. They were one of the original groups, and over the years they have produced some excellent photography and given interesting presentations to the club.

Colour Popping Feb 2018
Past and Present Nov 2017
Knots  October 2017
Tiles June 2017
Getting Old December 2016
Veins in Leaves September 2016
Chimneys June 2016
Insects October 2015
Seashore August 2015
Feathered Friends April 2015
Mammals  February 2015
Abandoned  October 2014 

Fish Sept 2014 

Unusual Transport – Apr 2014 

Depth of Field  Feb 2014 

Boats Nov 2013 

Running Water July 2013
Silhouettes Mar 2013  
Village Scenes  Nov 2012

01_Fish_Beg_Guy Rogers
Fish Guy Rogers
Lost on the beach by David Huntingford
Concentration by Jim Henson
Concentration by Jim Henson