Message from our Judge  Paul Graber LRPS –

I’ve now completed the exercise, and attach my mark sheets. I’ve added comments for Entry and Intermediate, but not Advanced (with one exception, where I’m justifying a top mark even though there’s a minor fault). It’s inevitable that these pithy comments come across as more critical than I’d be in person and with more space/time than I have here. If anyone would particularly like some more detailed feedback, I’m happy for you to share my email address. (If you would like to contact Paul please ask David Bird for his email address)

I don’t know if you always have lots of birds, or whether people had looked me up and checked on my interests, but there were plenty, some of them absolute crackers!

Thank you for the opportunity to judge a good standard competition – I enjoyed it. 


Congratulations to all entrants on such a good show of images, and especially to those who received top marks. 

Entry Class Images
Entry Pdi#5 May 2020 Scoresheet

Intermediate Images
Intermediate Pdi#5 May 2020 Scoresheet

Advanced Images
Advanced Pdi#5 May 2020 Scoresheet