Focal Point Venture Group

Visit to London 4 May 2018

Scrapheap visit August 2018

Farne Islands August 2018

The Club’s newest Venture Group decided to take the bull by the horns, and organise their first trip to the north of Watford. Newcastle to be precise. Some of the group who ventured North, had some great photo opportunities on the Farne Islands, Beamish Museum and several interesting location on the coast. This included watching the filming of an episode of “Vera” at Amble, when the ladies had paid due deference to a local handbag emporium. The mixture of good company, good beer and wine, great food and an excellent hotel, made for a happy week which we are looking forward to repeating in 2019. Photos here Farne Islands August 2018

Beamish museum Sept 2018

The first port of call during our trip to the wilds of the North was a day at the Beamish Museum. This marvelous place depicts life as it was at the turn of the 20th Century for the residents of the North East and much of Northern England. The town has been returned to the way it was and the pit village looks as it did all those years ago. The transport system is authentic with the trams, trolley buses and vehicles which operated then, as they do now. The only difference being that all rides are free so mobility is not a problem. What an interesting place for our first visit. It was hardly surprising that we returned a few days later to see what we had not had chance to visit first time round. The difference being that our original admission charge lasts a whole year for as many visits that one can fit in.                                                           JG

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