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The title is a lie actually. Yes we did go to Bushey Park and yes we DID see the deer. The only thing about the trip that had any truth in it.  The rut had finished the week before! Were we down hearted, I should cocoa! We had our honoured guest, Kathleen with us and what she made of our group nobody knows! There was much speculation on what headgear JP would attire himself in, and he did NOT disappoint. Our own Lady Di was very pleased that they had named a fountain after her, and was offering to sign autographs. Ian tried to scare a large stag by making ghost noises, but the stag in question was more wary of JP’s hat and Andy Mason’s beard. Andy’s hand signals need an interpreter

JG was a little quieter than usual, as he managed to oversleep and only just made it in the nick of time. That was useful as he was driving. We were also a little worried about Bruce, as the café was not open by 7.45 in the morning. and he could not get his much anticipated bacon butty. He did get the picture of the day, a habit that has not gone un-noticed in Focal Point.

As usual we had a great morning. Lots of wildlife, plenty of bacon butties, and plenty of laughter. We were delighted that Kathleen joined us and we hope that she too enjoyed her day with our group.


Thanks for inviting me, I really enjoyed the day. Kathleen