First               “Here’s one I did earlier” by Sheila Orford                                
Second         “Indian Eyes are Smiling” by Ann Wright 
Third   =       “Spotted flycatcher, Sardinia” by Keith Mumford
                          “Steam Punk Lady” by Stuart Frohmaier

First                “Do you Love me?” by Bruce Gardner                   
Second          “Sunbeams” by Doris Marjoram      
Third    =       “She said Yes!” by Bruce Gardner 
                          “Omani Mosque” by Doris Marjoram

First               “Shadowing the Boat” by Mike Young ARPS                   
Second   =   “Great Spotted Woodpecker”
                          “Cloudburst Droplets shed from the Shard”
                            both by John Wichall ARPS DPAGB       

Best PDI of the Year 2018/19 Trophy winner –

Congratulations to Mike Young ARPS who won the Best PDI of the Year Trophy awarded for  “Shadowing the Boat”. Unfortunately Mike was not present to receive the trophy.,

Best PRINT of the Year 2018/19

First                      “Nuthatch at Witley Common” by Keith Mumford
Second                “Do I have to” by Sheila Orford
Third                    “Honeybee on Thyme” by Keith Mumford

First                     “I know I’m slurping” by Bruce Gardner
Second              “Juvenile Barn Owl” by Yvonne Lindup
Third                   “Look into my eyes” by Bruce Gardner

First                      “Gently down the stream” by Andy Mayson
Second   =          “Grey Heron” by John Wichall ARPS DPAGB
                                 “Japanese ‘Raku’ fired pot” by Grant Dawkins
                                 “Goldfinches on teasel” by Mike Young ARPS
                                 “Macque impersonating the President of the USA”                                             by Ian Rae

Best Print of the Year 2018/19 Trophy winner –

President Phil Peddy ARPS APAGB presented Andy Mayson with the Best Print of the Year Trophy awarded for  “Gently down the stream”.

Congratulations to Neil Baker who won the Robbie Morgan Trophy for the most improved beginner of 2018/19.