Seminar with Alex Hare

“Landscapes – Creation to Completion” 
by Alex Hare

 Ludshott Photographic Club presents a day-long seminar (10.00-16.00) by professional photographer Alex Hare, on Saturday, 25th March, at St. Luke’s Church Hall, Headley Road, Grayshott, Surrey GU26 6LF.

Alex has a profound understanding of what it takes to create stunning landscapes. He will share with you his approach from initial conception to post-capture processing.

The plan for the morning is to talk about the various aspects of outdoor photography and landscapes, covering technique, composition and lighting, including illustrations which give a sense of scale from a single viewpoint.

The afternoon session can be summed up as “Post Production”. There will be a discussion on software choices and their various merits. We will also debate the difference between 8 and 16 bit images, with visual demonstrations.  Alex will show us why RAW files are useful and a variety of techniques for processing these files. We will also be given tips for making the most of our images, including exposure, blending, understanding layers and masks – time permitting, we’ll do an interactive processing session where we will process sample files and see how they complete the journey from original capture to a finished photograph using the techniques discussed.

Alex mainly uses Photoshop and during this session he will be using this programme, but he does assure us that all his actions will apply to Lightroom and other programmes.

Members £13.00   Visitors £15.00

For ticket information please contact Ken Lindup

Tel: 01483 200525 (