PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit

The APM awards held 22/23 April at Croydon produced a good result for SPA.  I don’t know how many SPA club-members applied for an award, but I would guess considerably more that usual as SPA were hosting this year’s assessments.

The results for SPA club-members are in latest PAGB news, with some photos, but I’ve summarised the results of SPA entries as follows:

Distinction Prints (DPAGB) – total entry from all federations 33, awards 19 and SPA awards 2,
Ann Healey Richmond & Twickenham PS SPA
David Lyon Reigate PS SPA

Credit PDIs (CPAGB) – total entry from all federations 26, awards 16 and SPA award 3,
Niall Ferguson Windlesham & Camberley CC SPA
Mark Rolfe Godalming PC SPA
David Smith Woking PS SPA
Credit Prints (CPAGB) – total entry from all federations 57, awards 41 and SPA award 12,
Marie-Ange Bouchard Tandridge PS SPA
Clare Collins Kingston CC SPA
Emma Durnford Richmond & Twickenham PS SPA
Duncan Herring Richmond & Twickenham PS SPA
Peter Highton Richmond & Twickenham PS SPA
Dr Tim Lawson Old Coulsdon CC SPA
Deborah Loth Hampstead PS SPA
Lynda Morris Old Coulsdon CC SPA
Jane Nevin Capel CC SPA
Kathryn Phillips Windlesham & Camberley CC SPA
Christopher Taylor Richmond & Twickenham PS SPA
Graeme Wales Cheam CC SPA