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Club Dinner 2017

33 members attended the club dinner on 13 March, a very pleasant evening with good food and good company. We might be a photographic club but no one brought a camera to this event! The photographs below are thanks to Jeff who took them on his iphone.

Seminar with Alex Hare

“Landscapes – Creation to Completion” 
by Alex Hare

 Ludshott Photographic Club presents a day-long seminar (10.00-16.00) by professional photographer Alex Hare, on Saturday, 25th March, at St. Luke’s Church Hall, Headley Road, Grayshott, Surrey GU26 6LF.

Alex has a profound understanding of what it takes to create stunning landscapes. He will share with you his approach from initial conception to post-capture processing.

The plan for the morning is to talk about the various aspects of outdoor photography and landscapes, covering technique, composition and lighting, including illustrations which give a sense of scale from a single viewpoint.

The afternoon session can be summed up as “Post Production”. There will be a discussion on software choices and their various merits. We will also debate the difference between 8 and 16 bit images, with visual demonstrations.  Alex will show us why RAW files are useful and a variety of techniques for processing these files. We will also be given tips for making the most of our images, including exposure, blending, understanding layers and masks – time permitting, we’ll do an interactive processing session where we will process sample files and see how they complete the journey from original capture to a finished photograph using the techniques discussed.

Alex mainly uses Photoshop and during this session he will be using this programme, but he does assure us that all his actions will apply to Lightroom and other programmes.

Members £13.00   Visitors £15.00

For ticket information please contact Ken Lindup

Tel: 01483 200525 (

One-day seminar with Glyn Dewis

Petersfield Photographic Society are holding an all day workshop on Saturday 13 May 2017 from 9:30 til 5pm. The venue is
Herne Farm Leisure Centre,
Crundles Herne Farm
GU31 4PJ

Photograph Like A Thief

In the introduction to his new book Photograph Like A Thief, Glyn says:

“No photographer works in a vacuum. Photographers, like all artists, stand on the shoulders of those who came before them, and they are informed and influenced by those working around them contemporaneously. If you are striving to find your own style, one of the most powerful exercises you can practice is to find influence and inspiration in the work of those around you, and then emulate that work in an effort to define, shape, and grow your own photographic voice. By collecting, imitating, and eventually reshaping and combining the work of those around you, your unique voice can be found and the quality of your work can soar.”

Glyn will demonstrate how to deconstruct and reconstruct a host of photography styles to help you improve your composition, learn more about lighting and master important post-production techniques.

Full info and online booking

Glyn Dewis A4 Poster

John Wichall in PAGB News

John features in the latest PAGB newsletter. If you have never looked at this newsletter now is a good time to click on this link:

Photographic Allience of Great Britain newsletter

If you would like to receive these newsletters on a regular basis go to the PAGB news website and sign up. All club members may do so as our club is affiliated to the PAGB.

John’s article is below, and was accompanied by 8 of John’s photographs.

My fascination with nature and love of nature photography have their origins in the inspiring wildlife programmes of the 1950’s and 1960’s. It didn’t matter whether it was Armand and Michaela Dennis on the plains of East Africa, Peter Scott telling us to “Look” or Jacques Cousteau who was “Diving to Adventure”, I dreamed of doing what they did and, I guess, the wish to capture the experience with a camera must have been buried somewhere pto Page 8 of 21, e-news 180. 01 Mar 2017 in my subconscious. Fast forward to the early 70’s and I at last got my hands on an SLR, my wife’s Practika, which I quickly discovered was fine for recording friends and family, but with only a 135mm lens was not a lot of use for capturing wildlife.
Though I up-graded my kit in the following years, wildlife photography continued to take a back seat to family, travel and landscapes, and that remained the situation until 2011 when I retired and decided to join my first camera club. Ludshott Photographic Club opened my eye to what was achievable. Although Ludshott is a small village club, it has always competed in events organised by the Surrey Photographic Association and enters the GB Cup annually. Whilst we cannot compete with the larger clubs, entering federation and national competitions gives our members the opportunity to compete against and see some of the best images produced by UK club photographers. I’ve found involvement with these competitions inspiring.
Ludshott has traditionally been strong in producing nature images, which encouraged me to develop my interest, but joining the club has also showed me that there were other genres that I could and should develop to get the most from my hobby. The club encourages members to aspire to PAGB or RPS distinction. I initially followed the RPS route, gaining ARPS with a Nature panel in 2015, which was based on the birds in my home county of Hampshire, and this provided a foundation for a successful submission for DPAGB in 2016.   John Wichall

SPA Intercub Print Competition 2016

Our results were mediocre, 17th out of 21 (14th last year) in the Open class, and 14th out of 17 in Nature (Fourth last year).


Individual results were –

Open Prints

  1. Bird David            Cactus – Echinocereus apachensis    12 with a 5*
  2. Mayson Andy          Déjà vu  (Black and White)                         9
  3. Grant Diana             Ladies Who Bet                                                 9
  4. Wichall John            Manx Norton leads Matchless G50      9
  5. Bond Brian               Muddy Bottom  (Black and White)         9
  6. Crook Paul                Not quite ready for the First team      10
  7. Mayson Andy          Rush Hour                                                          10
  8. Rae Ian Sky Points                                                                                    9
  9. Wichall John The Printers                                                                 11
  10. Grant Diana The Races                                                                          9
  11.  Bird Kathleen Tower Bridge                                                              9
  12. Sims Joan View across the Arno River                                         9
  13. Gamble John Why use one dog when four will do              12
  14. Bird Kathleen Wet Alley (Black and White)                             9
  15. Morrison Iain Salisbury Cathedral Chapter House             9
  16. Morrison Iain The Grand Staircase                                                9

Nature Prints

  1. Dawkins Grant Kudu                                                                             9
  2. Bird Kathleen The Follower                                                              9
  3. Wichall John Great Spotted Woodpecker                            10
  4. Wichall John Red squirrel                                                               10
  5. Bond Brian             Shaggy Inkcap                                                      8
  6. Rae Gordon             Sulphur Tuft and Dipteran Fly              11
  7. Bird Kathleen Foraging for Breakfast                                         9
  8. Wichall John Little Grebe feeding young                                12



SPA Individual Entry Competition 2016

This competition was held in conjunction with the Surrey Photographic Association’s AGM on 15 October 2016. SIx members of our club entered the competition.

John Wichall ARPS DPAGB won the Open Prints section with “The Printers”. Well done John.


Kathleen Bird LRPS CPAGB received a Judges Medal in the Nature PDI Section with “Lucilia”. This medal was Bob Webzell’s choice.


Angus MacKay received 11 out of 15 for his 2 entries, and David Bird got a 12 out of 15 for “Oriental Poppy”.


A Visit to the Hawk Conservancy on August 10th

Six of us visited the Hawk Conservancy in Andover with a view to photographing birds of prey.  Unlike many such displays, the Conservancy tries to create the world where the birds would be seen in their natural habitat.  A display of vultures was set in a landscape complete with termite mounds and meerkats. The fish eagle flew in to take food from the surface of a pond as it would in the wild.  The birds were spectacular but so fast, that getting a photograph was more down to luck and shooting in burst mode.

The highlight of the day was time spent in woodland with a tawny owl and a kestrel.  The birds were put in natural settings such as the branch of a tree or a tree stump.  The tawny owl decided to do its own thing.  It was supposed to stay on a branch of a tree but no it flew off.  It had heard a vole moving in the undergrowth and flew down to catch it. It took the prey to a tree stump and proceeded to eat it giving us great opportunities to photograph natural behaviour.  The kestrel behaved perfectly giving opportunities for head and shoulder shots.
By Ken Lindup

A walk in Petworth Park on 13 July 2016

6 members had a 5 mile walk round Petworth Park today in pleasant sunny weather. We were lucky enough to avoid the showers visible all around us, and to see large herds of deer. We ended with lunch at Petworth House.

Letter from Bruce

Dear Mr President, Committee Members and fellow Members,

I am very “chuffed” to be selected as the recipient of the Robbie Morgan Trophy this year, particularly as the overall standard throughout the year in the Beginners section has been very high, as endorsed by several visiting judges.

However, I do have one main regret and that is I hadn’t joined the club earlier as since being a member, due to the very impressive work submitted by members in the competitions and  presentations conducted by visiting experts, my perception in photography has completely changed for the better. Prior to this, when looking at my results I considered most reasonable and a few good. Now when looking at the same images, the standard has dropped dramatically to the point very few images are worth keeping apart from being a “recorded” image.

Therefore, a sincere thanks to all in setting the example for me and future recipients of this prestigious award to aspire to greater standards and imagination.

Kind Regards,

Bruce Gardner.

Some of Bruce’s photographs.