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A Visit to the Hawk Conservancy on August 10th

Six of us visited the Hawk Conservancy in Andover with a view to photographing birds of prey.  Unlike many such displays, the Conservancy tries to create the world where the birds would be seen in their natural habitat.  A display of vultures was set in a landscape complete with termite mounds and meerkats. The fish eagle flew in to take food from the surface of a pond as it would in the wild.  The birds were spectacular but so fast, that getting a photograph was more down to luck and shooting in burst mode.

The highlight of the day was time spent in woodland with a tawny owl and a kestrel.  The birds were put in natural settings such as the branch of a tree or a tree stump.  The tawny owl decided to do its own thing.  It was supposed to stay on a branch of a tree but no it flew off.  It had heard a vole moving in the undergrowth and flew down to catch it. It took the prey to a tree stump and proceeded to eat it giving us great opportunities to photograph natural behaviour.  The kestrel behaved perfectly giving opportunities for head and shoulder shots.
By Ken Lindup

A walk in Petworth Park on 13 July 2016

6 members had a 5 mile walk round Petworth Park today in pleasant sunny weather. We were lucky enough to avoid the showers visible all around us, and to see large herds of deer. We ended with lunch at Petworth House.

Letter from Bruce

Dear Mr President, Committee Members and fellow Members,

I am very “chuffed” to be selected as the recipient of the Robbie Morgan Trophy this year, particularly as the overall standard throughout the year in the Beginners section has been very high, as endorsed by several visiting judges.

However, I do have one main regret and that is I hadn’t joined the club earlier as since being a member, due to the very impressive work submitted by members in the competitions and  presentations conducted by visiting experts, my perception in photography has completely changed for the better. Prior to this, when looking at my results I considered most reasonable and a few good. Now when looking at the same images, the standard has dropped dramatically to the point very few images are worth keeping apart from being a “recorded” image.

Therefore, a sincere thanks to all in setting the example for me and future recipients of this prestigious award to aspire to greater standards and imagination.

Kind Regards,

Bruce Gardner.

Some of Bruce’s photographs.

Best of Year 2016

Best PDI of the Year 2015/16

First           Sheila Orford          Worthing Pier
Second     Grant Dawkins       Dragonfly
Third         Bruce Gardner       Fast Track

First             Ken Lindup                    Cruising Down the River
Second       Ken Lindup                    Majorelle Blue
Third           Ruth Greenfield         Looking up on the Ferry

First           John Wichall            Short Eared Owl Hunting
Second     Gordon Rae              Mating Marbled Whites
Third  =     Brian Marjoram      St. Wolfgang
Third    =  Brian Marjoram     Transported over the Crest of the Waves

Best PDI of the Year 2015/16 Trophy winner –

  President Phil Peddy ARPS APAGB presented John Wichall ARPS DPAGB with the Best PDI of the  Year award for “Short Eared Owl Hunting”.

Best PRINT of the Year 2015/16

First             Grant Dawkins    Kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros)
Second       Yvonne Lindup     Barn Owl
Third           Davida Cole           The Tide is Out

First           Ken Lindup            Is Anybody There?
Second     Ken Lindup           Alersund

First                    Brian Bond               Muddy Bottom
Second =         John Wichall           Red Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris)
Second =        David Bird                Cactus (Echinocereus apachensis)                  

Best Print of the Year 2015/16 Trophy winner –

First              Brian Bond            Muddy Bottom
Second        Grant Dawkins   Kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros)
Third            Ken Lindup           Is Anybody There?

President Phil Peddy ARPS APAGB presented Brian Bond  with the Best Print of the  Year award for “Muddy Bottom”.

Bruce Gardner won the Robbie Morgan Trophy for the most improved beginner of 2015/16.


AV Group 2015/2016 season

AV Group 2015/2016 season

The Audio Visual group has 11 members, with between 8 and 10 members attending each meeting through last season. We had 5 meetings between October and April this year. There have also been a couple of introductory sessions for 5 people not in the AV group who wanted to see what is involved. If any of you are interested in learning more about AV please tell me, and next season we could run some beginners evenings. Just be aware that it is a time-consuming occupation!

In November we had a friendly AV evening with Alton Camera Club and Windlesham and Camberley CC. This is a regular event  and next time it will be here at Ludshott on 16 January 2017. All members are invited to attend, and AVs from all 3 clubs will be shown purely for entertainment.

On 10 November we entered the Keith Hunt trophy competition at Woking,  judged by Paul Keene FRPS MPAGB.
The winner was, ‘Thistlegorm Remembered”, by Len Deeley of Godalming Photographic Club with the voice of David Bird.
Second place was awarded to “We never go out any more”, by Kathleen Bird .
Third place went to “ (technology)”, by Peter Walmsley and Mike Reed of Windlesham & Camberley Camera Club.

In March Carole Speight and Graham Sergeant entertained us with an Audio Visual evening here, and in April Carole came to judge the Jim Henson Trophy. This is a new competition aimed at promoting AV among clubs in and around Surrey. There were 17 entries, and we had the excellent result of keeping the trophy here at Ludshott. For more information click here,

In April there was the annual Mid Thames AV Day at Wokingham, which some of us attended, an excellent day with Ian Bateman commenting on our AVs in the morning, and showing us some of his excellent shows in the afternoon.

Kathleen has been to the U3A photographic group in Farnham and to Kingston CC this year to tell them about making AVs and to show them a selection with different subjects. Both events went well with a great deal of interest being shown.

Our set subject for the year was “Old buildings”, and for next season it is “Liquid”. Good luck with that, it doesn’t sound easy!

PAGB Awards

Above: John with other successful  DPAGB candidates

Two of our members were successful at the recent PAGB awards.

John Witchall gained his DPAGB, and Gordon Rae was awarded a CPAGB. Congratulations to both of you.

The Awards for Photographic Merit are open to all members of Clubs affiliated to the PAGB through their Federations and are at three levels

  • Credit (CPAGB) – Blue badge and certificate
    Standard: Good Club Photography
  • Distinction (DPAGB) – Red badge and certificate
    Standard: Open Exhibition Photography
  • Master (MPAGB) – Yellow badge and certificate
    Standard: Highest Standard of UK Amateur Photography

The awards are held for life without any annual fee and holders are entitled to use the designated letters after their name.

More information about obtaining an award can be found  at

j and g

Some of the successful images.

Yateley CC Annual Exhibition 2016

Ludshott Photographic Club entered the Yateley 8x8x8 competition in May 2016 with 8 black and white images. 8 invited clubs enter 8 images by 8 different authors.

Our entries are by Gordon Rae, Kathleen Bird, John Wichall,  Iain Morrison, Sheila Orford, Brian Marjoram and Doris Marjoram.

On display were the 8x8x8 Competition Panels. Also displayed were Yateley Camera Club members’ print and PDI panels.

SPA Exhibition – success for Ludshott

Two of our members won awards at the 2016 SPA Exhibition, held at Guildford House Gallery.

 Gordon Rae LRPS won The Derry Wilman Nature Trophy for the Best PDI Nature. His image was Masked Weaver Nest Building

John Wichall ARPS, CPAGB won the judges medal for Siamang Gibbons. The medal was given by  Clive Tanner FRPS MPAGBP.


Jim Henson Trophy results

This competition is dedicated to Jim Henson,  one of our original AV Group members. Jim has produced many excellent and innovative sequences over the last 10 years,  and for the last four years he has organised our Audio Visual competitions.

The first Jim Henson AV competition took place on 18 April 2016.
Our thanks go to the judge Carole Speight ARPS who commented on each sequence. The awards were presented by Walter Benzie HonFRPS, President of the RPS.

The winning entry was “Battle of the Waterberg” by Kathleen Bird LRPS CPAGB.
Second went to “The Compassionate Man” by Len Deeley FRPS DPAGBA EFIAP BPE3.
Third place – “The West Coast of Scotland” by Norman Horsham CPAGB

There were 3 Highly Commended entries –
“Metal” by Brian Marjoram LRPS
“” by Peter Walmesley
“The Berlin Wall” by Mike Reed CPAGB

Behind the Scenes of the Bloodhound Project – Stefan Marjoram

Stephan Marjoram

Stefan gave us a close and personal look at the Bloodhound Project on Monday evening 15 February. We followed the project all the way through to its current “almost finished” position with  Stefan’s excellent photographs and videos. The attention of visitors and members was held  throughout the evening with plenty of questions asked at the end.

Thank you Stefan, your knowledge and enthusiasm inspired us all.