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Trip to Borough Market

Headley Venture Group is planning a trip to Borough Market in London. Transport will be provided by Candy tours, and will take place on 10 August, departing Grayshott at 9:15, and leaving Borough Market at 3pm. We will be travelling in a 16 seater mini-bus.

The cost will be between £25 and £31, depending how many people decide to come along.
This is an interesting part of London, with plenty to see and do, but most of us are interested in photographing in the market. A visit to Southwark Cathedral is also likely, and if anyone wishes to they can pre-book a visit the Shard. There is no set itinerary.
I hope you decide to come with us, and if you have any questions please ask. Email or phone 01428 714868.

Best of year 2018

Best PDI of the Year 2017/18

First  =                   Spinnaker Tower by Sheila Orford
First  =                   Frosted Umbelifas by Sharon Young
Second  =             Cayman by Yvonne Lindup
Second  =             Textural Diversity by Sharon Young

First                       Beach Activity by Brian Dowdall
Second                 Osborne House by Doris Marjoram
Third                     Spring Flowers by Brian Dowdall

First                       Pair Bonding by Mike Young ARPS
Second   =           Dewy Fritillary by Mike Young ARPS
Second =              Where have all the Young Men gone?
                                           by Gordon Rae LRPS CPAGB

Best PDI of the Year 2017/18 Trophy winner –

President Phil Peddy ARPS APAGB presented Mike Young ARPS with the Best PDI of the Year Trophy awarded for  “Pair Bonding”.

Best PRINT of the Year 2017/18

First                      Cheetah by Yvonne Lindup
Second                Bean Feast by Simon Fraser
Third                    Coveting the Gauntlet by Sharon Young

First                     Working on the Scaffolding by Cindy Huntingford
Second =           Shrouded in Mist by Cindy Huntingford
Second =           Can you see my spots? by Bruce Gardner

First                     Goldfinch with Fledgling by Mike Young ARPS
Second               White Rose by David Bird
Third                   Wren near nest by John Price ARPS

Best Print of the Year 2017/18 Trophy winner –

President Phil Peddy ARPS APAGB presented Mike Young ARPS with the Best Print of the Year Trophy awarded for  “Goldfinch with fledgling”.


Congratulations to Yvonne Lindup who won the Robbie Morgan Trophy for the most improved beginner of 2017/18.


Noar Hill Nature workshop 5 June 2018

Seven members went to Noar Hill on a cool overcast morning. Insects were scarce, flowers were abundant but difficult to photograph in the wind. We had a most enjoyable morning, learnt a few things and had lunch at the Selbourne Arms.

Bird Photography Workshop

The Hants Ornithological Society is organising a Bird Photography Workshop which will be given by 3 wildlife professions on 28 July at Littleton near Winchester.  Limit is 45 places.  There will be an indoor tutorial session 10-13h, followed by outdoor practical sessions.

Price to non-members is £52 which includes the annual subscription of £12. Full details at

The cost of an equivalent commercial course is in the range £120-150 so if you are interested book soon.

Send bookings to

SPA Interclub PDI championship 2018

The SPA inter-club PDI competition was held on the 12th of May. We did not do very well, coming 14th out of 19 in nature and 22 out of 27 in the open class. Judges that visit us always comment on the high standard of our photography and yet when we enter SPA or PAGB competitions we do not do well.

The winners can be viewed at  Unfortunately we do not have a winning image.

I have now received the results of our individual entries –


SPA BIENNIAL EXHIBITION of Prints and Projected Digital Images

(The Exhibition has been accorded PAGB patronage) 


155 High Street, Guildford GU1 3AJ

07 April 2018—28 April 2018

Open 10.00 to 16.45 Monday to Saturday

(Gallery not open Sunday)


Congratulations to Ludshott members who have gained 18 accepted images in the exhibition. The exhibition is well worth visiting as it shows the best of Surrey’s photography. Our results are below.

SPA 2018 Biennial Exhibition Print Colour
John Price ARPS had 1 acceptance
John Wichall ARPS, DPAGB had 3 acceptances with 1 commended

SPA 2018 Biennial Exhibition PDI Open
Gordon Rae CPAGB, LRPS had 1 acceptance

SPA 2018 Biennial Exhibition Print Nature
John Price ARPS had 2 acceptances with one commended
John Wichall ARPS, DPAGB had 3 acceptances with 2 selectors’ awards

SPA 2018 Biennial Exhibition PDI Nature
Gordon Rae CPAGB, LRPS had 3 acceptances
John Price ARPS had 1 acceptance
John Wichall ARPS, DPAGB had 3 acceptances with 1 selectors’ awards
Kathleen Bird LRPS, CPAGB had 1 acceptance

Selectors’ Awards
Nature Print , selector Dr Anne Sutcliffe FRPS EFIAP PPSA
Short-eared Owl in Late Afternoon Sun John Wichall ARPS, DPAGB 

Nature Print, selector Gordon Jenkins APAGB
Greenshank with Ragworm  John Wichall ARPS, DPAGB 

PDI Nature, selector Roger Hance FRPS AFIAP BPE5*
Fishing at Speed John Wichall ARPS, DPAGB 

Jim Henson Trophy 2018

The third Jim Henson Audio Visual Competition was held on the 5th of March 2018. The judge was Graham Sergeant FRPS , who previewed the 16 entries. Graham commented on each AV, and made helpful remarks on technique and sound as the evening progressed.

Paul Crook LRPS won the trophy with an AV entitled “In Memoriam” a moving piece which used Rupert Brooke’s poem “The Soldier” for the narration.

Other results were –
SECOND: Upholder by Mile Reed CPAGB
THIRD   The Monarch islands by Norman Horsham CPAGB

Petra Rose Red City by John Baker
Waverley Abbey By David Bird and Kathleen Bird LRPS CPAGB
Good bye Upton Park by Paul Crook LRPS

Llangollen to Montgomerie canal trip by John Wilson
Hunter by Harold Russell
Northern Botswana (For photo harmony) by Jean Hoyle
A Load of Old Bollards by John Wichall ARPS DPAGB

Flying Machines by Grant Dawkins
Chocs by Harold Russell