SPA Inter-club Print 2023 Competition Results

SPA Inter-club PRINT competition 2023


Wallflowers Kathleen Bird 10
A Slow Morning In The Market Sheila Orford 10
Alamillo Bridge Grant Dawkins 11
Eye catching John Dumble 9
Grass Kathleen Bird 10
Patterns in Ice Bob Gaskell 9
Pencil Bubble Refractions Robert Ayto 13
Please drink responsibly Colin Whitbourn 9
Reach for the Sky  Ian Rae 11
Riverbank reflections John Price 11
Stairwell Suzy Courtnage 11
The Escarpment, Saudi Arabia Grant Dawkins 9
Walking Towards Infinity Ian Rae 10
Spinnaker Tower Suzy Courtnage 12
The train at platform one Geoff Sargent 9
Jump Alex Landsberger 9

Final position: 18/21


Black veined whites roosting Mike Young 11
Brown Rat Suzy Courtnage 11
Buff Tip Moth Caterpillars Grant Dawkins 9
Camargue Stallions Lillian King 12
Crimson Darter Gordon Rae 10
Lemurs Sue Erler 10
Long tailed tit at the water pump Mike Young 13
Sparrowhawk male Mike Young 10

Final position: 9/20

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