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Night Photography in Grayshott


Twelve members met at the Fox and Pelican on Monday evening 9 December 2019. There was an almost full moon, and although it was cold it was a beautiful clear night. The lights in Grayshott were at their best, and we all wandered round taking photographs of them. Afterwards we met in the pub for a drink and a chat. An enjoyable evening, and some of our efforts can be found HERE


SPA Print competition 2019 results

The running order can be found here – 

Our results are below with the score out of 15 after each title.
Congratulations to Mike Young ARPS for receiving a Judge’s medal for his beautiful print of “Cuckoo Landing”.

Godalming were first, We came second with Mid Sussex Club

01 Cuckoo landing by Mike Young          14
02 Otter on the Riverbank by John Gamble     11
03 Goldfinches on teasel by Mike Young          13
04 Large White feeding on Scabious by Gordon Rae 11
05 Partridge on the stubble by John Gamble   11
06 Spiderwebs by Brian Bond      12
07 Great Crested Grebe bonding display by Mike Young      12
08 Wren by John Price       13

We were eighteenth out of 21

01 A classy lady by John Price      9
02 Egrets caught in the Surf by Keith Mumford          10
03 Garlic Reflected by David Bird           10
04 Gently down the stream by Andy Mason    12
05 Misty reflection by Brian Bond          12
06 Early morning on the Beach by John Price 11
07 Pretty flamingo by John Gamble       10
08 Grey Heron by John Wichall   12
09 Watching the Match by Bruce Gardner      10
10 Synchronised Arrivals by Paul Crook 12
11 Wearing Papa’s Hat by Yvonne Lindup        9
12 Waverley Abbey by Kathleen Bird     10
13 Japanese raku fired ceramic pot by Grant Dawkins          12
14 Punch Bowl Morning by Andy Mayson        10
15 White Rhino in dappled shade by John Wichall     11
16 Windows by Paul Crook           9

Creative Geometric Design

Our next competition on 6 January is a set subject PDI competition. What is Creative Geometric Design I hear you ask? Well it should have a geometric shape or two in it such as – 

Think architecture – Roofs, staircases, skyscrapers, chimneys………
Think Nature – spider webs, flower or seed heads. Ammonites, peacocks, snail shells……….
Think Manmade objects – coiled ropes, rows of cutlery, clothing, tiles, rows of chairs, shop displays..…..
Think food – pineapples,  sliced fruit, cup cakes……..

Photo Walk at Winkworth Arboretum

Eight members met for coffee at Winkworth Arboretum’s tiny cafe on Wednesday 30 October 2019. It was half term (sorry guys, I miscalculated!) and very busy, but the weather was gorgeous and the colours were good, with some flaming maples. I think the colour will still be good for a couple of weeks if we don’t have a gale and lose all the leaves. So if you are thinking of going next week should be good (not half term!)

It was an enjoyable day. Kathleen

Keith Hunt AV competition 22 October 2019

Roger Mendham with Harold Russell, Ludshott Photographic Club, commended for “Farewell to Wings & Wheels”.

Congratulations to Harold for his well deserved Commended certificate.

Here are the results of the 2019 Keith Hunt AV Competition. 

  AV Title Name Club
1st Concert Photography Tony Cole Alton Camera Club
2nd Battle of Britain Niall Ferguson Windlesham & Camberley Camera Club
3rd Commemorating the Fallen Jean Hoyle Windlesham & Camberley Camera Club
Highly Commended City of Glass Mike Reed ARPS Mid Thames Audio Visual Group
Highly Commended In Search of the Fisher King Mike Tibbotts Woking Photographic Society
Commended Farewell to Wings & Wheels Harold Russell Ludshott Photographic Club
Judge’s Award for Creativity ZARG lan Bailey Alton Camera Club

Gavin Hoey Workshop 26 October 2019

Camera Alchemy

This was another inspiring workshop with Gavin and Sam.  As usual Gavin was full of interesting ideas to fire  up  his  audience  of  39  people,  15  of  them  from  other  clubs. 

We were only sorry that this was the last time he was giving a talk to photo clubs.

2019 Photo Exhibition at Holme Primary School, Headley


Our annual exhibition  took place on Saturday 21 September 2019 at the Holme Primary School in Headley. As well as over 100 exhibits from the club members this year, four pupils of the school showed off their photographic prowess.

The pupils have been coached by four club members of the club. They borrowed cameras to photograph subjects of their choice, and the best twelve pictures were selected to be shown with the club’s photographs. A wide range of subjects were chosen by
the pupils including Waggoners Wells, Adrian Blyth’s luxury
sports cars, School Life, and the Bordon Enclosure. The children
selected their own photographs and helped with the printing and
mounting and the choosing of tiles.

The exhibition was well attended, and the raffle made £70 for school funds. Refreshments were on sale outside the hall in the beautiful September sunshine.

Thank you Focal Point Venture Group for planning, setting up and running the day, and thanks to the school for their help and co-operation.

BBQ 13/07/2019

Once again we held the summer party in the beautiful garden of John and Carole Wilson. Thank you both for hosting it again. The cooks were excellent, Yvonne’s organisation as good as ever, and 26 members enjoyed a pleasant summer afternoon eating and chatting.


First               “Here’s one I did earlier” by Sheila Orford                                
Second         “Indian Eyes are Smiling” by Ann Wright 
Third   =       “Spotted flycatcher, Sardinia” by Keith Mumford
                          “Steam Punk Lady” by Stuart Frohmaier

First                “Do you Love me?” by Bruce Gardner                   
Second          “Sunbeams” by Doris Marjoram      
Third    =       “She said Yes!” by Bruce Gardner 
                          “Omani Mosque” by Doris Marjoram

First               “Shadowing the Boat” by Mike Young ARPS                   
Second   =   “Great Spotted Woodpecker”
                          “Cloudburst Droplets shed from the Shard”
                            both by John Wichall ARPS DPAGB       

Best PDI of the Year 2018/19 Trophy winner –

Congratulations to Mike Young ARPS who won the Best PDI of the Year Trophy awarded for  “Shadowing the Boat”. Unfortunately Mike was not present to receive the trophy.,

Best PRINT of the Year 2018/19

First                      “Nuthatch at Witley Common” by Keith Mumford
Second                “Do I have to” by Sheila Orford
Third                    “Honeybee on Thyme” by Keith Mumford

First                     “I know I’m slurping” by Bruce Gardner
Second              “Juvenile Barn Owl” by Yvonne Lindup
Third                   “Look into my eyes” by Bruce Gardner

First                      “Gently down the stream” by Andy Mayson
Second   =          “Grey Heron” by John Wichall ARPS DPAGB
                                 “Japanese ‘Raku’ fired pot” by Grant Dawkins
                                 “Goldfinches on teasel” by Mike Young ARPS
                                 “Macque impersonating the President of the USA”                                             by Ian Rae

Best Print of the Year 2018/19 Trophy winner –

President Phil Peddy ARPS APAGB presented Andy Mayson with the Best Print of the Year Trophy awarded for  “Gently down the stream”.

Congratulations to Neil Baker who won the Robbie Morgan Trophy for the most improved beginner of 2018/19.