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Jim Henson Trophy 2022

Patricia Henson presented the trophy to Harold at a later date.

Jim Henson Competition Results
26 March 2022

Congratulations to Harold Russell, our Chairman, for winning the 2022 Jim Henson AV trophy, and a special thank you to our judge Ian Bateman for an interesting and informative afternoon. The meeting was held on Zoom, and started with some of Ian’s excellent AVs. Ian commented on each AV as it was played in the second half, making this a good learning event as well as being entertaining. It was a lovely sunny March day, so the audience was smaller than expected, but those who were in attendance were given a treat.

Faces of South East Asia by Harold Russell

Second –
Free as a bird by Steve Kirkby

Third –
The Chestnut’s Curse by Kathleen Bird

Highly Commended – 
February at Wisley by Paul Crook

Where sand dunes meet the sea by Jean Hoyle

Commended – 
Winchester Cathedral Flowers by Geoff Lambert

A short journey across Romney Marsh by Richard Knapp

Kathleen Bird, Harold Russell and Patricia Henson



Mike Withers

I am sorry to tell you that Mike Withers died peacefully in hospital on Thursday 14 April, with his family around him, and our heartfelt condolences go to his wife Marguerite and their children.

Mike was a long- standing member of the club, and was our Chairman in 2012 – 13. He did a great deal of work for the club, including editing our accounts over many years, and was always ready to join in on social occasions. When we moved to Headley Village Hall he, as a Trustee of the hall, went out of his way to smooth our progress.

Mike was a professional electrical engineer and enjoyed a celebrated career which included becoming, in his later years, a Professor at Loughborough University.


SPA Award for Mike Young ARPS

SPA Award for Mike Young ARPS

At the postponed 2020 SPA Biennial Exhibition Mike Young’s picture of the ‘Cuckoo landing’ received the judges’ Nature section Selector’s Award medal.

On April 4th 2022 David Smith LRPS CPAGB, the SPA president at the time, presented Mike with his medal, certificate and DVD. Below is the Cuckoo landing.


David Barrett

I am sorry to tell you that a long standing and stalwart member of the club, David Barrett, died on Thursday 31 March. When I first joined Ludshott Photographic Club, David,  a founder member of the club, was the Competition Secretary, internal and external.  He ran it all from paper lists – no computers were in evidence then. The competitions were either prints or slides, and David taught me how to label the slides – upside down – and to mask them where necessary; there was no easy cropping in those days.

David had a wonderful sense of humour, and always joined in enthusiastically at serious meetings and fun socials alike. He helped with everything, and did very well in club and SPA competitions. He loved architectural photographs and portraits and ran the first portrait workshop for club members.

Kathleen Bird

Gordon Rae knew David well. He says

I worked with David at ICI in Fernhurst, and we cheerfully competed against each other in the annual friendly photo competitions there in the late 70s and 80s. Then I drifted away from photography for many years until David cajoled me into joining Ludshott in 2007 with something new called a “digital camera”.

I cannot thank him enough for all the fun, friendship and help I have enjoyed ever since in LPC, even though when I showed one of the best flower photographs I have ever taken his remark was “Not that bloody poppy again!”

A message from Brian Thomas:  “Very sad, he was a good friend to me too when I joined the club, and was always supportive and made helpful critiques of some of my efforts, but in his inimitable style he would also gently reproach your efforts if you then didn’t pay attention to his words. A fine photographer and such a valued club member. My thoughts are with his family at this time.”

Caroline Lemka: “I’m very sorry to hear that.  I knew David well having worked with him at ICI in Farnham for the best part of 15 years.  He was always the unofficial photographer at any department event.  In fact I introduced him to computing!”

David at an SPA Awards dinner in 2007 with Tony Riley and Kathleen Bird

David on drinks duty at the club’s 10th anniversary social in 2005 with Les Howard and Jim Henson.

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David Huntingford

 David Huntingford died peacefully at home with his family on 1 December after a few weeks in hospital.
He was a very active early member of the club, and held the position of Club Secretary for many years before becoming Vice Chairman. He took over as Chairman for 2 years when Phil Peddy retired in 2008.
David did a great deal for the club especially with regard to our sound system, which he designed and managed for many years. He was always willing to share his camera knowledge and to help new members. In 2007 he was instrumental in obtaining a lottery grant for the club to buy our first computer and projector. Up until then we had been producing colour slides for some competitions.
Playing Croquet with Phil Peddy at the Club BBQ in 2015  David explaining a technical point

LPC Exhibition 2021

Ludshott Photographic Club held an exhibition at the Holme Junior School in Headley on 25 September.

A general view was that this exhibition, held in the Hall of Holme School Headley, was one of the best ever attended. A team of members led by Diana Grant planned, advertised and executed the exhibition.

We showed over 100 prints, 15 of which were taken by five young ladies from the school who were tutored by 5 members of the club.  Their standard was so high that their prints seamlessly fitted  among those of members.

The exhibition was sponsored by Allglass frameworks and Alert locksmiths of Bordon, which, together with a very well supported raffle of gifts by local businesses, plus a sale of prints, raised just under £400 for school funds.

The link to the school was via John Gamble, a club member and a Governor at the school.

Best PDI of the year 2020/21

Congratulations to Jack Crook,  who won the Robbie Morgan Trophy for the most improved beginner of 2020/21, a great achievement for a junior member.


Congratulations to   Brian Marjoram LRPS who won the Best PDI of the Year 2020/21 Trophy, awarded for                “Cwmorthin” and presented by Harold Russell.

 The results of the annual Best of Year images, as voted by you,
are  below. 

1st      Amboseli Grey Crowned Cranes – Steve Littler
2nd    Fluffy Young Robin – Chris Ray
3rd    Homeward Bound – Colin Whitbourn

1st    Otter In Sunlight – Stuart Frohmaier
2nd   Wet and Dry – Alan Rawlings
3rd  My Sand Castle Has Been Washed Away – Brian Dowdall

1st=   Friends – Andy Mayson LRPS
1st=  Cwmorthin – Brian Marjoram LRPS
1st= Three Feathers – Grant Dawkins




Success at the Keith Hunt Trophy 2021

Ludshott won First, Second and Third places at Woking PS’s Keith Hunt Trophy competition on 30 March, a great success for the club.

Congratulation to Brian Marjoram for winning the Keith Hunt Trophy for the second time. 

This is an annual Audio Visual competition and this year it was run on Zoom, taking place in March, having been postponed from  October 2020. The next one will be in October 2021.

If any member would like to watch our winning AVs on their own computer let us know and we will arrange to send them.


Position Title Name Club
1st The Widows Curse Brian Marjoram LRPS Ludshott Photographic Club
2nd Salute to Victory Harold Russell Ludshott Photographic Club
3rd The Hangers Way Kathleen Bird LRPS CPAGB Ludshott Photographic Club
Highly Commended Days Like This Kevin Mageean Windlesham & Camberley Camera Club
Highly Commended Paris Clive Chater Alton Camera Club
Highly Commended Whitby Abbey Norman Horsham Mid Thames Audio Visual Group
Commended India Savitri Kegge Windlesham & Camberley Camera Club

Brian Marjoram with the trophy



Success at Woking’s Rosebowl competition

Ludshott did it! We won this SPA Interclub competition on 9 March 2021!

Congratulations to our selection team and the five photographers who presented the winning  panel  at  this annual  competition.

The five photographs and their authors were:
Now and Then in Russia by Gordon Rae LRPS CPAGB
Mummy’s Angel by  John Dumble
Phoenix Rising by Jonathan Plummer
Pretty Flamingo by John Gamble LRPS
Ownership by John Wichall ARPS DPAGB