Photo by David Bird 12 Feb 2018

The current list of workshops for this season is completed. For enquiries or more information please contact Andy Mayson



At the committee meeting of 25th September 2017 Andy Mayson was asked to co-ordinate workshops for the club.  The information below captures the ideas discussed in the committee.

Members should feed back to Andy Mayson at a club evening, on 07920 825658 or by email to

Workshops would be: –

  • As a general rule, ‘hands on’, practical, ‘bring your kit’ sessions,
  • Held on ‘non-club’ Mondays or Saturday afternoons/ evenings to suit members,
  • Held inside or out, depending on the subject matter,
  • Charged for, when the club incurs costs, but only to meet costs,
  • Not generally targeted at the entire membership but will be to meet specific requirements of some members,
  • External or Internal.

An ‘External’ Workshop would be: –

  • Integrated with the main club programme and hence planned about a year in advance,
  • Led by external experts, possibly those who have done lectures for us on a regular club evening as a ‘hands-on’ follow up session,
  • Aimed primarily at the more advanced members of the club but would be open to all and larger than internal workshops,
  • Typically held in the club venue or something similar,
  • Planned to include specialist or ‘aspire-to’ kit e.g. studio lights,
  • More expensive for club members,
  • Open to external attendees at a fee.

An Internal Workshop would be: –

  • Arranged at relatively short notice, independent of the main programme, based on subject matter that is requested by club members,
  • Led by experienced members,
  • Aimed at sharing the basic knowledge of photography and kit that is already known in the club,
  • Generally aimed at ‘normal’ kit that most people have, or can borrow within the club,
  • Ideally be held in the club venue or a pub, if this was more appropriate e.g. for an outside shoot,
  • Limited in attendance depending on the subject matter (target 8 to 10 people).


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