Photo by David Bird 12 Feb 2018

The current list of workshops for this season is completed. For enquiries or more information please contact

Paul Crook   



Workshops would be: –

  • As a general rule, ‘hands on’, practical, ‘bring your kit’ sessions,
  • Held on ‘non-club’ Mondays or Saturday afternoons/ evenings to suit members,
  • Held inside or out, depending on the subject matter,
  • Charged for, when the club incurs costs, but only to meet costs,
  • Not generally targeted at the entire membership but will be to meet specific requirements of some members,
  • External or Internal.

An ‘External’ Workshop would be: –

  • Integrated with the main club programme and hence planned about a year in advance,
  • Led by external experts, possibly those who have done lectures for us on a regular club evening as a ‘hands-on’ follow up session,
  • Aimed primarily at the more advanced members of the club but would be open to all and larger than internal workshops,
  • Typically held in the club venue or something similar,
  • Planned to include specialist or ‘aspire-to’ kit e.g. studio lights,
  • More expensive for club members,
  • Open to external attendees at a fee.

An Internal Workshop would be: –

  • Arranged at relatively short notice, independent of the main programme, based on subject matter that is requested by club members,
  • Led by experienced members,
  • Aimed at sharing the basic knowledge of photography and kit that is already known in the club,
  • Generally aimed at ‘normal’ kit that most people have, or can borrow within the club,
  • Ideally be held in the club venue or a pub, if this was more appropriate e.g. for an outside shoot,
  • Limited in attendance depending on the subject matter (target 8 to 10 people).