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Useful links for AV makers


PTE AV Studio Pro    
Pro version allows the enthusiasts and professionals the maximum creativity with advanced features. $139

PTE AV Studio
The Standard version allows you to make stunning audio visual slideshows with minimum input and also to explore some of the more creative aspects.  $69

 ProShow Gold    –      is no longer available


Audacity The Free, Cross-Platform Sound Editor

Adobe Audition (£17 per month) is often recommended for soundtrack editing, but Audacity (Free) does the job well.

Music and copyright issues

A licence in a club’s name applies only to productions made by the club nominated. It does not cover productions made by individual members on their own behalf. Similarly, licences in the name of an individual clear that person’s work only.

To find out more and to obtain a licence go to

For music try    Digital music

For sound effects search the internet or try  have put together an extensive collection of music and sound effects, as well as video clips and motion graphics, which could be useful free resources –

Useful websites

RPS AV group  

AV news –


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