TIps and Tutorials

Wondering what to photograph at home,
and the best way to do so? We are planning to post tips every two weeks on subjects you highlighted in the member survey at the start of the season.

Tip 5 – 1 June Last tip of the season

Want to practise what the Tips have been offering?  But wondering how to do so at present?

Here are a selection of ideas for you to challenge yourself and experiment with over the summer.


Tip 5 – 18 May  2020 – Macro and Stacking

To master the art of getting up really close to objects and producing really sharp images:

a) The ‘Ultimate Macro Photography Tutorial for Beginners’

b) ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Focus Stacking’.

c) ‘Close up and Macro’ – how to do it, by David Bird.


Tip 4 – 4 May 2020 –  Depth of Field and Differential Focusing

To master the art of getting the right parts of your image in and out of focus:
a) A practical guide on how to manage Depth of Field (DOF) in your photos   

b) Differential Focusing for restrictive DOF

c) Make your image stand out with selective focus


Tip 3 – 20 April 2020   – Composition

Ever found yourself wondering how to compose your shot for best effect?

Whether you are learner or expert photographer, here you have:

A comprehensive review of 25 Techniques for perfect composition (

What a renowned professional photographer pays attention to in composition (

How to use composition cropping for storytelling, drama, and impact (


Tip 2 – 6 April 2020   – Exposure
Have you ever found that you struggle to get the right lighting effect and exposure in your shots? Here is a selection of Tips relevant to different levels of Members’ experience and expertise.

How to master exposure: A reminder of how to get the best out of your DSLR’s metering in any situation.

Controlling exposure through the histogram: Understanding and using the histogram to control exposure when shooting and in post processing.

Correcting key misconceptions about histograms: Because histograms can be misunderstood, this is how to really use them successfully.


Tip 1 – 31 March 2020
Deliberately our first PHOTO COACH Tip introduces you to one site where there is a wealth of information and ideas to help you decide what you could be photographing and how.

For general ideas go to – 
For 52 things you can photograph at home go to ––29764

For Photography projects whilst at home go to –

(Our thanks to Mike Young for suggesting the ephotozine site to us.)

Future Tips will consider specific aspects of photography.