Jim Henson Trophy 2022

Patricia Henson presented the trophy to Harold at a later date.

Jim Henson Competition Results
26 March 2022

Congratulations to Harold Russell, our Chairman, for winning the 2022 Jim Henson AV trophy, and a special thank you to our judge Ian Bateman for an interesting and informative afternoon. The meeting was held on Zoom, and started with some of Ian’s excellent AVs. Ian commented on each AV as it was played in the second half, making this a good learning event as well as being entertaining. It was a lovely sunny March day, so the audience was smaller than expected, but those who were in attendance were given a treat.

Faces of South East Asia by Harold Russell

Second –
Free as a bird by Steve Kirkby

Third –
The Chestnut’s Curse by Kathleen Bird

Highly Commended – 
February at Wisley by Paul Crook

Where sand dunes meet the sea by Jean Hoyle

Commended – 
Winchester Cathedral Flowers by Geoff Lambert

A short journey across Romney Marsh by Richard Knapp

Kathleen Bird, Harold Russell and Patricia Henson