Jim Henson Trophy AV Competition 2 March 2020

This season we will be holding the fifth Audio Visual Jim Henson Trophy Competition. The judge is Ken Scott ARPS. The competition will take place on Monday 2 March 2020 at 19:30 at Headley Village Hall, 2 Arford Road, Headley, Bordon, Hampshire GU35 8LJ .

The closing date for entries is 10th February 2020,  which will allow time for the entries to be sent to the judge for pre-judging. If there are too many entries to show at the event we will pre-select those to be shown.

Entries may be sent on a CD or USB stick, which will be returned on the night, or you can use Dropbox or something similar, and send the link to us. Entries will be accepted in .exe, .mov or .avi formats. We will acknowledge receipt of every entry, so make sure you get a reply from us.

Each entrant may enter up to two sequences. The duration of the entrant’s sequences must not exceed 8 minutes in aggregate. All sequences submitted require an entry form and a fee of £5.00 for the first entry and £3 for a second one. Cheques should be made payable to Ludshott Photographic Club or paid direct to our bank. All payment details are on the entry forms. Entry forms and payment must reach Kathleen Bird, Alpine, Kenley Road, Headley Down, GU35 8EJ by 10 February 2020.

Entry Form


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