Ludshott Photographic Club

Images for Rachael to review

Rachael will spend an hour giving a critique of our images. If you would like her expert opinion send one or two images that you would like her to comment on as email attachments to the club’s email address by 22 March. If you send two images please indicate which one should be dropped if we have more than we can show.

When resizing your image ensure that it is no more than 1600 pixels wide or 1200 pixels high.  Larger images will be accepted but will project at the pixel dimensions mentioned above.  If you resize your images in Photoshop, please do NOT use the resize for email option.

All images must be in JPEG format.  If your camera is set to take JPEG images and your image has not been ‘post processed’ it will already be in JPEG format.  If you take RAW format images or have used Photoshop or any of the other post processing products, please ensure that your output image is JPEG.  We cannot accept images in TIFF or DNG format.

Your image(s) should be in sRGB colour space.  Most digital cameras use sRGB as a default but post processing software often changes the colour space without telling you!  This is not a show stopper as our software will change it back to sRGB for projection.  However, we cannot guarantee that the colour rendition will remain exactly as you intended it.

Please name your image files as follows:

Title followed by the word ‘by’ followed by your name.

For example:

A nice image by Joe Bloggs.

The image title will appear on the screen but your name will not. This is the simplest and easiest method of naming image files but please avoid using the word ‘by’ in your image title as this is what our software uses to separate the title and entrant name.  If it finds the word ‘by’ more than once, it gets horribly confused!



We sometimes experience difficulties in receiving images from users of Apple computers.  The main problem is that Apple Mail sends pictures in the body of the email and not, apparently, as separate attachments.  In fact, they are attachments which other Mac users can simply drag off the email, but Windows PCs seem to have a problem doing this.

The best way is to send files via ‘WeTransfer’ which is free and reliable as long as you don’t sign up for the ‘Plus’ version.  Here’s a link:  You can also send much bigger files like this but you must keep to the PDI rules. 

The other problem is that Macs are much more relaxed about what you can use in filenames.  Mac users can but should not use Apostrophes, Exclamation Marks, Question Marks or any similar symbols in the file names or the club PC will not be able to load the pictures.

If you need further information or assistance please contact us on the above email address and we will be happy to help.


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