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SPA Inter-Club PDI Championships May 2019

Held on Saturday 11 May 2019 at East Horsley Village Hall

SECOND EQUAL Godalming and Woking

Ludshott did well in NATURE. We came fifth out of 19 Surrey clubs. Last year we came 14th out of 19.

Mike Young ARPS had the winning image of the afternoon –           Goldfinch with fledgling  (see above)
with a score of   14. This received the cup and medal


Mike also received 13 out of 15 for “Fritillaries meet”, which won a Judge’s medal

We did not do well in the Open section where the results were
FIRST Richmond
SECOND Windlesham and Camberley
THIRD Yateley

We came 21st out of 25. Last year we came   22nd out of 27

The GB Cup for Small Clubs 2019

The PAGB GB Cup for PDIs took place in January. We selected our entries in December, and sent them in to be judged with clubs from throughout the UK.. We came 45th out of 87 clubs in the Nature section, and 45th out of 56 in the Open section. Below are our results out of 15.

The GB Cup for Small Clubs 2019 Open

1 Concas Cobbles Mike Young 11
2 Through The Doughnut Paul Crook 10
3 Atrium Ian Rae 10
The Red Arrows At Dunsfold 2018
Paul Crook 10
5 Steady Skipper Brian Marjoram 10
6 Snowdrops Reflected John Wichall 9
7 Reflections On The Riverbank John Price 9
8 Footprints In The Snow Brian Marjoram 9
9 Autumn Birches Kathleen Bird 9
10 After The Rain Gordon Rae 9
Total 96

The GB Cup for Nature 2019 Nature

1 Goldfinch With Fledgling Mike Young 12
2 Knapweed Fritillary Mike Young 12
3 Longhorn Beetle Mike Young 12
4 Shaggy Inkcap John Price 11
5 Red Deer At Dawn John Wichall 11
6 Red Admiral Caterpillar On Nettles John Price 10
7 Cormorant Juggling A Carp John Wichall 10
8 Sociable Weaver Birds Gordon Rae 10
9 Squabbling Goldfinches John Wichall 10
10 Protecting The Lair John Gamble 9
Total 107

Jim Henson Audio Visual Competition

Audio Visual Entries are now being accepted for the fourth Jim Henson Trophy Competition. The judge is David Smith LRPS CPAGB. The competition will take place on Monday 4 March 2019 at 19:30  in the church rooms at 
St Lukes Church, Headley Road, Grayshott, Surrey GU26 6LF .

The closing date for entries is 11th February 2019,  which will allow time for the entries to be sent to the judge for pre-judging. If there are too many entries to show at the event we will pre-select those to be shown.

For full details go to Audio Visual

Email any questions to