Best of Year 2014

Best PDI of the Year 2013/14
First            Diana Grant           Look into my eyes
Second       Alan Rawlings        All Change
Third           Diana Grant           A Romantic Evening

First            Angus McKay          Balancing Act
Second       Joan Sims               Magnolia Grandiflora
Third  =       Paul Crook              Men’s Olympic Marathon
Third  =        Ruth Greenfield     Zanzibar Tears

 First            Gordon Rae LRPS     Bath Time
 Second     John Gamble LRPS   A Happy Landing
 Third         John Dumble            A Spider among Dewdrops

Best PDI of the Year 2013/14 Trophy winner –
Gordon Rae LRPS           Bath Time

Best PRINT of the Year 2013/14

First              Diana Grant                    Hawker flying high above the reeds
Second         Diana Grant                    Flies on a cow’s nose
Third  =         Doris Marjoram               Autumn in Sheffield Park
Third =           Joan Sims                     Windmills at Zaanse Schans

First             Brian Thomas                  My Favourite Glass
Second        Paul Crook                       Non stop through Woking
Third            Paul Crook                       Small White Feeding

First            Brian Marjoram                  Stonemason at Work
Second       John Wichall LRPS CPAGB   Sandwich Tern with Sand eels
Third           John Wichall LRPS CPAGB    Old Bike Shop

Best Print of the Year 2013/14 Trophy –   Brian Marjoram for “Stone Mason at Work”