Best of Year 2013

Best PDI of the Year 2012/13

First            Paul Crook            Team Guinot Wing Walker
Second =    Diana Grant          Portrait of a Robin
Second =    Krzys Chilinski       Dead End
Second =    Brian Dowdall       Old Faithful by Moonlight

First            Simon Bradfield    Sydney
Second       Doris Marjoram    Painting History
Third           Brian Marjoram    Preparing to Land

 First            John Wichall          Barn Owl(Tyto alba)
 Second       John Dumble        Come on don’t keep stopping
Third =       John Wichall        Greenshank (Tringa nebularia) In Summer Plumage
 Third =        John Gamble        Come Dine with me

Best PDI of the Year 2011/12 Overall
John Wichall          Barn Owl(Tyto alba)

Best PRINT of the Year 2012/13
First              Paul Crook                     Pulling Away
Second         Paul Crook                    The Railway Man
Third             Graham Nicklen              Market Place

First             Brian Marjoram                Boat shop child
Second        Simon Bradfield               Boat at Sunset
Third             Angus McKay                 Cauldron at Laycock Abbey

First            Kathleen Bird LRPS             Arundel
Second       Brian Bond                        Lifeboat station
Third           Iain Morrison LRPS CPAGB      Shard and More, London

Best Print of the Year 2011/12 Overall
Kathleen Bird LRPS         Arundel