Aspire Venture Group – Night Shoot in London – Message to the Public


Waterloo Station – November 27, 2021

Despite losing our transport early on, the five plucky adventurers set out from the station to undertake that seldom explored region known as the Bank of the South. 

With sherpa Sanger scouting ahead for shelter and warmth, the team stepped out into the eye of storm Arwen, the near arctic sleet and wind lashing them as they pressed forward. 

The explorers first encountered fumes and smoke as they entered the tunnel of Leake, here the plucky five came upon the locals, who, armed with only cans of spray, battled brightly adorned monsters to practice their renowned cave art.

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Stepping back out into the storm, the five fought their way to the landmark known by locals as the Eye, here they watched as it circled overhead, with the locals rushing to jump into the capsules that would transport them aloft.

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