New Rules for Nature

In February 2018 PAGB announced a new set of rules that will apply to images entered in nature / wildlife categories in any completion or exhibition which it organises.  The rules are not dissimilar to those used previously, but they are less restrictive as to what is permitted in post-capture processing and take a less ridged approach to evidence of human activity.  As far as members of Ludshott P. C. are concerned, the rules do not apply to internal competitions, which are all Open, but the club and club members will be required to follow the new rules if entering any PAGB or SPA competition that has a nature / wildlife class.

The new rules and the previous rules, which will still be applicable for competitions and exhibitions sponsored by FIAP, PSA and RPS, can be accessed on the Club’s web-site under the Competitions tab.

Added to website 1 march 2018