Nature Rules

Nature Rules

In 2014 FIAP, PSA and RPS jointly agreed a set of rules for “Nature” and “Wildlife” that defined what subjects and techniques can be used to produce images that are entered in nature / wildlife classes of any competition that they sponsor. In 2015 PAGB and the UK Federations adopted the same rules. The rules are quite restrictive regarding post-capture processing and limit what is acceptable in terms of human involvement depicted in an image. The rules have not always been followed and some entrants have been disqualified.

In February 2018 PAGB unilaterally published a new set of rules, which will be applied in all future PAGB competitions.  The new rules relax the restrictions on post-capture processing and take a less ridged approach to evidence of human activity.  The new rules will apply in PAGB and SPA competition, e.g. the GB Cup and inter-club and individual competitions organized by SPA.

Click to view the new PAGB Rules.

Whilst members are less likely to enter competitions that are subject to the FIAP, PSA and RPS Rules, these are available HERE.

FIAP – Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique
PSA – Photographic Society of America
RPS – Royal Photographic Society
SPA – Surrey Photographic Association
PAGB – Photographic Alliance of Great Britain

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